12v 200ah Solar energy storage lithium battery from china manufacturer

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Coursertech
Certification 202130742917.X
Model Number JMGD-B005
Minimum Order Quantity 100
Price 80USD
Packaging Details CARTON
Delivery Time 30 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 20000sets/month

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Product Details
Material Lithium Iron Phosphate Voltage 12V
Capacity 10AH-200AH Size 120*120*240mm
Warranty 5years Protection Level 67
System Positive Pole:three Elements(nickel,cobalt,manganese) Use Of Ambient Temperature -30℃~+60℃
Housing External Shell Can Be Configured According To Customer Requirements Storage 3-6months
High Light

12v 200ah Solar Power Battery Box 240mm


200ah solar battery 240mm Coursertech


12v 200ah battery box 240mm Coursertech

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Product Description

Solar energy storage battery with 12V 200AH 5years warranty


12v 200ah Solar energy storage lithium battery  from china manufacturer 0

Introduction of lithium battery for solar energy

▲ Product introduction

One core :

1 Guarantee of the source of the batteries: the batteries are all made of first-tier domestic and foreign brands, ternary lithium batteries--Anhui Tianshi, lithium iron phosphate batteries-Shanghai Delangeng Polymer lithium batteries-Guoxuan Imported lithium batteries-Panasonic

2 Battery design and production guarantee:

2.1 Genuine material

2.2 Explosion-proof design

2.3 Overcharge and overdischarge design

2.4 Thermal Shock Protection

2.5 Anti-vibration, extrusion and anti-drop design

2.6 Short circuit protection design

Two protection boards:

The protective plate of lithium battery for solar energy is designed according to the special use environment to protect the safety of lithium battery and improve the battery life. Coordinate the system to run efficiently.

1 Overvoltage protection: prevent overcharging and overdischarging of lithium batteries

2 Over-current protection: prevent lithium battery from over-current during use

3 Over-discharge protection: prevent lithium battery from over-discharging

4 Overcharge protection: prevent lithium battery from overcharging

5 Short-circuit protection: protect the product when there is a short-circuit during use.

6 Temperature protection: When the lithium battery is in use, it will be protected when the temperature exceeds the range.

7 Over-power protection: When the load exceeds the power requirement range, the lithium battery is protected.

Three controllers:

1. MPPT solar boost controller is a special lithium battery street lamp controller that adopts solar high power point tracking (MPPT) charging technology and LED light source constant current drive technology, and the charging efficiency is increased by 10-30%.

2. MPPT solar boost controller is only suitable for 12V system, with a built-in boost constant current source, and the efficiency can reach more than 95%.

3. It has 4 working modes, and the working time and LED brightness of each time period can be adjusted.

4. With LCD infrared remote control function, all parameters can be set with one key on the remote control.

5. MPPT solar boost controller can adopt intelligent power reduction algorithm according to the battery power to prolong the working time of LED lights.

6. Ensure that the battery works in the best condition, greatly prolonging the service life of the battery, and has a high-precision temperature compensation function.

7. It has the functions of overcharge, overdischarge, electronic short circuit, overload protection and anti-reverse connection protection.


Four battery pack structure

1 Aluminum alloy shell, dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, and oxidation-resistant. More suitable for outdoor use.

2 Fully sealed structure design to ensure the safety of outdoor use.

3 Waterproof simple male-female plug-in cable, easy to install, not easy to fall off, waterproof, dustproof, and leakage-proof.

4 High specific energy, light weight and long life.



Lithium-ion batteries have many advantages, such as high specific energy, small size, fast charging and high price. It has a deep cycle of about 500-800 times, and its life span is similar to that of a colloidal battery. The temperature range is -15℃ to 45℃. But three lithium ion battery also has disadvantages, its battery internal is not very stable, if it is three lithium ion battery produced by unqualified manufacturers, there may be an explosion in the overcharge process or high temperature environment.

  Parameter Informations
1 Deep cycle charging times 500-1000 times
2 working life 8-10 years
3 Advantage Small size, fast charging, long service life, good stability
4 Ambient Temp. -40℃-70℃
5 Size 120*120*240mm

1.In order to make the best solar lighting system for you,what information do you need to give me?
(1)Specific installation site,we need to calculate and configure for you according to the local peak sunshine time.
(2)Street lights are required to work several hours a day(e.g.5hours or 10hours)
(3)When the rainy season comes,we should ensure that several continuous rainy days(for example,three or four days)
can be illuminated properly by street lights.
(4)The height of the lamp post or the width of the road,
(5)Requirements for street lamp brightness,
2.What is the peak sunshine time?
The unit intensity of sunshine reaching the Earth every hour can be used to analyze climate and weather,The strongest
measured sunshine intensity should be at noon.Within 3 to 4 hours before and after noon(depending on the region),
shunshine charges the batteries best (except perhaps in the hottest summer).
3.How do solar street lights know when to turn on and when to turn off?
The controller we choose is an intelligent waterproof controller with light control and time control.With it,we can not
carry out any artificial control after installation,It can turn on or off on time,because the controller is equivalent to the
position of human heart.It connects solar panels that absorb sunlight ,batteries that store energy and illumination .
When it senses that the voltage of the battery panel drops to a set level,it sends out instructions to illminate the light
source.When the time we set(for example,10hours)arrives,it automatically turns off the light source.This is intelligent light-
controlled turn-on and time-controlled turn-off technology.In addition,this controller has many functions,such as can.
To prevent the battery from overcharging or discharging,so as to avoid damage to the battery.
4.What if there are several rainy days in succession,can it still work properly?
if the weather in recent days is not very good.cloudy or rainy,you should not worry about it,because we also consider
that when we make the plan for you ,we can make full preparations ahead of time,three or five days as you decide.as
long as it is regular,continuous rainy and cloudy days can continue to light,but please remember to do the plan.Consider
the constancy,the number of consecutive days,the number of consecutive days is a little more in an individual time,It is
not recommended to design according to the individual,because your cost will also increase a lot.
5.How to maintain the solar energy system?
Solar energy system does not need much maintenance intutively,which is also his convenience,but if the local dust is
very large,It is recommended that you use the process of 3 to 5 months to clean up the battery board,in order to maintain
its good contact with the sun

12v 200ah Solar energy storage lithium battery  from china manufacturer 112v 200ah Solar energy storage lithium battery  from china manufacturer 2

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